A Bartender's Guide to Measuring Up in your Relationships


What’s Your BARometer is not your usual bartender blog. Absent of rants and cocktail recipes, What’s Your BARometer is a conversation about relationships from my bartender point of view. Cuz, often, the best advice you can get is from the person behind the bar at your favorite watering hole.
A barometer is an instrument that measures atmospheric pressure. Pressure tendencies can forecast short term changes, whether they go from stormy to mild to clear.
It’s not uncommon for a bartender to help customers gauge the climate of their relationships. The outside-looking-in, familiar stranger perspective often parts the fog and helps many see their situations more clearly.
What’s Your Barometer, the blog, is inspired by the book The Barometer: A Bartender’s Guide to Measuring Up In Your Relationships. The Barometer uses stories and anecdotes I’ve seen and heard in my profession as a bartender as metaphors for common mistakes in relationships.
“What’s Your Barometer” features content that did and did not make it into the book.


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  1. I really enjoyed your blog! You have a great style of writing and it’s super relatable. Also, it’s pretty brilliant how you bring every post around to dating. Great job!

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