A Bartender's Guide to Measuring Up in your Relationships




   I’ve been bartending for a decade now. I can say with confidence that I am a great bartender. However, I am not a flair bartender. I don’t do tricks, special effects, or anything extraordinary outside of the glass (or your taste buds ;)). I tried to learn once while working at this quant sports bar. But my working there didn’t last long, so neither did my flair career. Kudos to those who pull off flipping bottles in the air, and pouring seven different shots from seven shakers into seven glasses, simultaneously. That is a special skill, I must admit, that I am intimidated by.
     If I were to measure my bartending abilities against those who flair, I’d feel inadequate, like a complete failure. So, I don’t. I recognize that flair bartending is a subsection of an industry that I belong to. Everybody can’t do everything. And the fact that I can’t flair doesn’t take away from my usefulness or appeal as a bartender. So what’s my barometer? I create specialty drinks on a moments notice, have mastered layering, crowds and speed aren’t a problem for me, patient, and I’m someone others come to to learn from. In my book, that makes me valuable.
     How do u measure your worth? What’s your barometer? Most often in our lives–and especially in relationships–we tend to compare ourselves to others to gauge our desirability, our usefulness, our worth. It seems easier to notice the qualities others possess that we don’t, –their flair,— and get down on ourselves because we feel were lacking. How often have u heard or said, “I wish I had his_______,” or “I could never do _______ like she does.”? My question is, why should you? Why should you be anyone other than who you uniquely are? Someone else’s light doesn’t dim your shine, unless you let it. Just focus on what you do well and others will too.


Comments on: "Flair" (4)

  1. I tagged your blog on my latest post. I hope that is okay?

  2. I’m your girl! 😉

  3. We don’t all need flair:). Sometimes I just want someone solid to mix and serve me a good drink. Point well taken.

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