A Bartender's Guide to Measuring Up in your Relationships

What’s Your Barometer?

An oldie but goodie.

What's Your Barometer

My experience as a bartender lets me study relationships first hand. I’ve noticed an interesting parallel between my relationship to customers and romantic relationships. A good relationship is like having a favorite bartender: You feel comfortable, and taken care of, they know your preferences and how to make you smile.

I have a theory: The barmaid steps into the role of whatever a customer is lacking in his/her own relationship–or fulfills the role in the absence of one. I’m the mistress of the customer whose date just went to the bathroom; the consummate therapist whose job it is to listen while a person works through their relationship woes; a bitch to the smart-ass looking for a rise; an audience for the jokes and stories the one at home has heard one too many times; or referee or matchmaker, serving as the go-between for a budding romance–or rocky one. On any…

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