A Bartender's Guide to Measuring Up in your Relationships

No Holidays Off


Ask anyone in the service industry and they’ll tell you, “We don’t get holidays off.” If anything, we go harder because everyone else is off and trying to let loose. It’s an unconventional lifestyle, not for the faint of heart or selfish types. Bartender’s, servers, cashiers, and such are responsible for making sure you feel thankful and rewarded for choosing to spend your free time with us among your infinite other choices.
In that regard, the service industry is not unlike a committed relationship. With a commitment, there are no holidays. You can decide you’re “not feeling it today.” In fact, when things get hectic is the exact time when you have to put in more effort than usual because it’s when you’re needed, wanted, desired the most. Those are the times when you’re challenged to do your best, and show you’re worthy of the honor of being your honey’s top choice. You may not get holidays off, but the results from putting in the overtime is the reward.


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