A Bartender's Guide to Measuring Up in your Relationships

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The Poor People’s Psychologist


     Standing in line at the drugstore listening to a lady tell her life story to the pharmacist, I commented to the associate helping me, “People must tell you their stories all the time.”
     “All the time, but I mostly just tune them out,” he said, to which I replied,
     “I’m in the life story business myself.” 
     “Sounds terrible,” he remarked.
    With a smile I said, “Actually, I enjoy it.”
     That’s when it hit me: where in most customer service positions the server doesn’t enjoy hearing about the customer, that’s one of the things I love most about being a bartender. When someone comes in and talks to me, on the precipice of a life decision, and they’re trusting me to help them jump the hurdle, how humbling.
     Sometimes it’s easier to be more vulnerable with a stranger than our loved ones because loved ones are too close to us and tend to judge. So if you are lucky enough to have someone who wants to talk to you, take it as a compliment and treat it as such. It means he/she trusts you enough to open up and confide; they see you as supportive and need you in that moment. Feeling heard is a better “buzz” than 5 shots of whiskey. Don’t take that for granted.