A Bartender's Guide to Measuring Up in your Relationships

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Too Many Bad Reviews

Customers hardly ever go out of their way to talk about good experiences. Exceptional service and mouth-watering food or drinks rarely make the news. You can rest assured, however, that they’ll talk about the bad ones. And in the this viral culture, bad news travels fast. They can’t wait to report to a friend who will tell another friend, who will post it on social media, or one-star rate how terribly this one time out of 100 was. They want to speak to a manager, tip poorly, berate the staff, and complain ad nauseum.
For some reason it’s easier for us to whine about our bad experiences than to appreciate the good.
And we do this in our relationship as well. We can’t wait to cop an attitude, tell our mate how terribly they have made us feel, that bad thing they did, or that they have made us mad. Unfortunately, rarely ever do we compliment as much as we complain.
As bad as bad reviews are to a restaurant or bar, bad comments in a relationship can also cause your partner to close up shop. Because,–although complaints are sometimes necessary to keep us on our toes–when your one and only customer is never satisfied, it’s easy to wanna throw in the towel.
     Businesses that deal with difficult customers usually also have others remarking how wonderful the service is, balancing out the criticisms. Those bars eventually realize its not the business that’s the problem but instead that consumer. Said consumer will then be asked to leave and never return.
     Likewise, if your criticisms to your sweetie are the only ones they hear, while others–coworkers, family, strangers–are singing his/her praises, you could be on the verge of being bounced from your relationship.
If your significant other means anything to you, attempt to start focusing on the efforts they make instead of their mistakes.