A Bartender's Guide to Measuring Up in your Relationships

To Insure Proper Service


     I’m one of those rare bartenders that doesn’t expect customers to tip for everything. I gauge the appropriateness of a tip based on my effort.
     My barometer is, if I have to use the blender, shaker, or create a mixed drink, the skill in crafting that cocktail should be rewarded accordingly. If a guest comes back to me for the same drink, that means I did it well the first time, so I expect to be tipped. But if all I did was pour a shot straight into a glass or pop the top off of a bottle of beer,–unless it’s a super hectic night and I took care of that guest swiftly–I’m not surprised nor am I bothered when I don’t receive a tip.
     Likewise, you shouldn’t await gratitude for every little thing u do in your relationship. A lot of situations are twist-off bottle caps and straight shots; small efforts that build a good repoire, and keep things running smoothly.
     Things like phone calls to check in, making the bed, being on time, compliments, are for the betterment of the relationship. But if your best efforts–creating an awesome meal, back or foot massages, gifts just because–go unnoticed or unappreciated, that’s when there’s a problem.
     If you aren’t being rewarded with love and reciprocity in your relationship–your “tip,” or thank u for “a job well done“–, maybe it’s time to show the guest in your life less attention.
What’s your barometer?


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