A Bartender's Guide to Measuring Up in your Relationships

Loyal Customers


     “Regular customers are usually where a bartender make their money. Those customers are loyal as long as you continue to take care of their needs. And you’ll continue to do so because you appreciate their loyalty. Bartenders know, that repeat business is where the money is.
I may have heard some of their boring stories ten times over, and the predictability at times can be routine, but I don’t take for granted the devotion loyal customers show me. And even when I’m tending to a new customer, though the newness may be refreshing, I’m sure to shoot a wink or a smile to those who have stuck with me.
     Its really easy to take for granted that your mate is there, meaning, available. You get used to him/her being around so you forget to focus on them as a separate part of your world that deserves a little attention different from the rest of your obligations.”
     You let the woes of the world weigh you down, so much so, that you forget, at one time, your relationship was your retreat from all of that, and instead bring that drama to the one who melts the stress away.
     While its ok to vent, especially to someone you trust and feel close to, make sure you’re not taking for granted that you have someone who’ll listen. Assuming your relationship isn’t adding to your stress, don’t forget the wink and smile to your loyal customer.

-An excerpt from The Barometer: A Bartender’s Guide to Measuring Up In Your Relationships


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