A Bartender's Guide to Measuring Up in your Relationships

Straight with No Chaser


     Some cocktails are easier to make than others. While there are those drinks that are difficult to mess up and will taste good regardless, with minimal fuss–like a long island iced tea–there are others more delicate. Too much of one thing or not enough of another and the whole drink is ruined–dry martinis are that way. Some drinks require precision measurements, preparation, layering, and the right mix of spirits. These cocktails are crafted, given much attention, and tasted often for accuracy. Even still, people come with specifications a bartender can’t anticipate. So the bartender could have done everything appropriately and still disappoint.
     Relationships come with the same variations. Different people need different things. While some may only need minimal fuss, and can be happy with seeing their significant other a few days a week, others need constant attention, a delicate touch, and much more patience. 
     Problems arise when a “straight with no chaser” gets involved with a “Bloody Mary,” or a “Perfect Manhattan” with a “Mojito.” In either case they’re both too high-maintenance to be able to focus on what the other one needs. That isn’t to say opposites don’t attract and can’t work. But you have to find a balance between an opposite that can compliment what you lack, or recognize if they’re someone who’s too different to understand your point of view.


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